Thursday, 20 February 2014

Elemetal My Dear Professor!

Just digging through some stuff from last year and came across this pin up I did for the Professor Elemental comic issue 2.

Thought it might be fun to share!
Loved doing that 'Fighting Trousers' bit at the bottom.
Anyway, must dash! Off to go have a nice cup of brown joy...

Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Pride!

Hey, hey!
I've been getting in the coloured pages of my latest short on The Pride comic. The pages are being given a whole other life by the fantastic Ben Wilsonham on colours. I  think this is Ben's first time colouring comic pages beside his own work but he's knocking it out of the park! My short piece should be in the next issue of The Pride Adventures.
 Check out the facebook page of The Pride news and updates on the book. 

Saturday, 1 February 2014

2014 Kicking Off With A Punch To The Balls!

I've been really quiet online recently because I've had my head down deep into the work. Just tied up some freelance concept work, A short piece for The Pride and my short piece for In The Dark Anthology and then jumped straight into the concepts of Bone China (aka Porcelain Part deux)
Should hopefully be starting pages on that by next week! so well and truly kicked off 2014 with a punch in the balls!
Oh and speaking of In The Dark I came across some snippets of my piece all nicely coloured by Felipe Sobreiro and the icing of the lettering cake by Rachel Deering!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Briar In The Bag and Into The Dark We Go!

Hey ho!

Just a quick update.

I can happily say with a sigh of relief from both myself and my drawing hand, that Briar: Part 1 is in the bag and now is in the capable hands of Jordan Boyd for his colouring mastery!

No sooner had I finished that I had to jump into my short for In The Dark Anthology titled 'The Guillotines' Written by Michael Moreci and being coloured by Felipe Sobreiro. I'm honored to have been teamed up with those guys. The story is an awesome 80's teen monster hunter type story and I've had SO much fun with it.
I'm just tying up the last few pages of inks right now, Meanwhile I got a sweet little peek at Felipe's colours last night and I'm so excited for the rest of the pages here's a taster:

 Also here's some bits from my Instagram Feed:

Monday, 18 November 2013

Thought Bubble - 2013: Comission Requests

Good day, guys and ghouls!
Just wanted to post up my plan for commission requests at this years Thought Bubble Convention.
I'll be making and order list for 4 maybe 5 pieces on each day. I'd love to take a list to work on before but unfortunately I don't have time to get any done before the convention. so rather than racking up an impossible list on the day I thought I'd line them up before hand. If your interested drop me a DM on Twitter or Email via the address on my blogger profile page.

Prices are:
1 x A4 Penciled and Inked character piece - £30 (add extra £5 for additional characters)
1 x A4 Head Sketch - £15

I'll be doing free pencil sketches in copies of Porcelain and Butterfly Gate if you'd like one :)

Please do pop by our table and say hi!

Friday, 15 November 2013

BRIAR : Announcement!

Really happy to finally announce the name of the latest project I've been working on for Improper Books.

We give you 'BRIAR' and here is the cover art (also click the link for interior pages):

 We'll be giving out free previews at the upcoming Thought Bubble Convention in Leeds.
I cant wait to see what you guys and girls think.  We've all really tried to level up with this one. This is Benjamin Read has given me a beautiful and brutal take to work on again and we've thankfully been joined by Matt Gibbs on editing and Jim Campbell on letters and a new member of the Improper Books team Jordan Boyd has taken the helm of colours and is unstoppable!
More details on the tale to come but meanwhile get yourself along to Thought Bubble and get a free copy.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Porcelain: Joing the Delcourt ranks and more!

I've been waiting ages to tell people about this but the news is finally out! Yes Improper Books have had the honor of having Porcelain published by French publisher Delcourt. this is a total dream for all of us and not only that they have given us the chance to work on a further 2 books that will follow the Child of Porcelain further into her life! you can read more details HERE!

More news to come!